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Devin Santiago, PA-C


Devin Santiago, PA-C

Devin Santiago, PA-C, pursued his Master of Physician Assistant Studies at Florida State University in Tallahassee. He relocated to Orange county for his clinicals and was able to work with a variety of providers. Prior to joining Orlando Psychiatric Associates, Devin practiced in Lake Mary as a Physician Assistant with a patient-population focused on mood disorders and pediatrics. In the past, Devin Santiago was a medical scribe and translator through multiple emergency departments including Trauma Centers, in which he learned the importance of mental health in the community.

Throughout his career, Devin has treated a variety of mental illnesses, and is passionate on the health and needs of each patient. He has an empathetic personality that allows individuals and families to trust his professional care. On his personal time, Devin is interested in culture experiences, gaming entertainment, and economy. He enjoys spending time with his family and significant other. Devin Santiago is fluent in Spanish.

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