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Psychological Evaluations

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Neuropsychological Testing helps further

Where other types of testing stop at telling you what’s wrong, a neuropsychological evaluation can explain why it’s happening and a person’s prognosis for the future.  By understanding the source of deficits and how a person’s brain functions, the recommendations and interventions that neuropsychological assessments yield are highly specific and tailored to the individual’s needs. The ultimate goal of neuropsychological testing is help guide and inform treatment to improve or maintain a person’s functioning.


From our centrally located office in Orlando, FL, our Licensed Clinical Psychologists can perform these evaluations in both English and Spanish.

Psychological Evaluations Q & A

What is a psychological evaluation?
A psychological evaluation allows the psychologist to assess symptoms, to determine a diagnosis, and to provide recommendations for treatment.  It can be initiated by the patient, or by a referral from a specialist already treating the patient.  A psychological evaluation includes a clinical interview session, sessions for administration of tests and assessments, and a session to discuss findings.  
What is the purpose of an evaluation?
A psychological evaluation can be recommended for many purposes, including determining eligibility for a gifted school program, as a pre-assessment for bariatric surgery or pain management devices, assessing intellectual ability, identifying a learning disorder, and diagnosing an Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder.
A neuropsychological evaluation is a comprehensive type of psychological evaluation that involves the administration of tests of cognitive, motor, and perceptual skills to assess brain function.  A neuropsychological evaluation often measures attention and concentration, learning and memory, reasoning and problem-solving, visual-spatial functions, language and speech ability, sensory-perceptual and motor functions, academic skills, and emotional functioning.
How the results of a psychological evaluation can help me?
Findings of the psychological evaluation allow the psychologist to determine a diagnosis, when information from clinical interview, observations during testing, and other data provided, such as previous evaluation reports, medical records, etc., is considered.  Once a diagnosis or diagnoses have been established, recommendations are provided to address the needs identified.